Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wanted Jack Dogwood: Report this Facebook Profile

Ed Bertolas wrote tonight on Dog Interpol that all proceeds will go to his own dog rescue foundation that is not even set up. This is a fraudulent attempt to acquire funding for a non-existent dog rescue foundation using an iphone App that has not even been developed yet. This is a hustling scam. Help stop facebook fraud. Report both these profiles.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jack Dogwood's Many "Fake" Friends: Please report this account

Look at all these "fake" (according to Ed Bertolas) profile friends that Ed Bertolas has added to his fraudulent Jack Dogwood profile to promote his Dog Run scam. This really is fraud since it has to do with promoting what he hoped would be a money making business and he's doing it under the profile of a dog, which he has said hundreds of times he categorizes as "fraud".

We know it is not only perfectly legal and within Facebook rules to use a dog's photo in our profile. Facebook does not require anyone to use their own photo for their account. With stalkers like Bertolas around it might even be preferred to use an alias and a dog so that no one knows you are NOT a dog on facebook so he can't get valuable personal information for his mass spamming phishing operation on facebook. For privacy purposes it might be best to have a sweet little dog as a facade but for Bertolas to do this is being a BIG LIAR. It's not acceptable.

If he has added you, or someone you know, on as a friend to this fake Jack Dogwood account so he can send out his obnoxious spam to your newsfeed with posts from Ed Bertolas you might want to delete or better yet block the Jack Dogwood account. If you know friends who are on it you might want to let them know by passing on this url http://www.edbertolas.info, or the url for this blog entry: http://edbertolasinfo.blogspot.com/2011/02/jack-dogwoods-many-fake-friends-please.html. Or help get frauds off facebook. Please report his Jack Dogwood account. This is so typical of Ed Bertolas's hypocritical nature! Report him: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001753410522 Wonder if HYPOCRITE is a word that is in his dictionary?

Next will come the screen prints that show Ed Bertolas is the primary poster on this account. He tried to hide that fact but we got beyond his subterfuge and privacy settings which was a whole lot of fun.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jack Dogwood: Ed Bertolas fake Facebook account

Thanks to the very kind person who sent me a lead a few days ago that Jack Dogwood has an evil twin and it's Ed Bertolas. Yes, it seems that Mr Bertolas, at the same time he has been, uhh shall we say, "exposing" people for having fake accounts on facebook as "frauds", he has been using this fake one for months. He created it to promote his "Speed Dating for Dogs" website. And even more ironically hilarious is that 90 percent of his "friends" are other fake dog profiles. Wonder if they would still be friends with him if they knew he has been working so obsessively to get dog profiles off facebook. Why protect these "frauds"? Surely they all, including Jack Dogwood, need to be added on to his Fraud Smear List II. Ed's hypocrisy and arrogance is truly astounding. Check it out for your own eyes and report it while you are there as a fraudulent facebook profile.

Jack Dogwood aka Ed Bertolas profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001753410522

Friday, February 25, 2011

Self-righteous vegans should not brag about boiling animals alive

After harassing people no fing end about not eating meat in such an obnoxiously self-righteous way all over—and we do mean all over—facebook we found a photo a few weeks ago in his facebook photo album that was only a few months old that had him bragging about what a great life he had eating lobsters that were boiled alive. Epic fail Mr. Bertolas.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I blow black tar hash in my 105 yr old dog's face

Yes he really did say that.

COMMUNIQUE FROM THE ABYSS" #1 "FaceCrook 2nd to last chapter"

is where Ed Bertolas's strange encounters will be periodically documented.

Here's a post that Ed just released that is nothing short of a shake down of the animal rights/rescue movement: It is, plain and simple, extortion. But we are shaking our heads. We are still waiting for part II of his "Fraud [Smear]"Shit" List" which he has never released after he has threatened many times to do so. So now in three days will be his book release? We can't wait!

Ed is so used to being able to make threats to get what he wants that he doesn't even recognize when he is possibly breaking the law with what amounts to an extortion attempt.

One of his most recent blunders is to post on a 15 yr old girl's wall for her to get a camcorder, or that he would get her one, not sure which. Whatever. This is not tolerable.

Ed says he does not look at a person's age when he goes to their wall and makes these spam postings. We are sure that is true. We are sure Ed doesn't look at anything when he goes to a person's wall because it's obvious. He just blunders in there and posts what ever intrusive thing he wants to post no matter if it's on the page with their wedding photos, a dog that has just been euthanized where people are grieving, an environmental group that is posting about the devastation of the world, or people working with all their hearts trying to find a home for a dog who is on death row, scheduled to die in only hours.

He has done all these things and when he does it every time he demands that the reader do something he wants them to do, whether that is to look up email addresses for him or get a webcam or some other absurd requirement to comply.

Like a good narcissists the only person who is actually real is him and the only things truly of interest or importance are only what he happens to be interested in for the moment.

Our advice to Ed would be to look before he posts on people's walls and be a little more sensitive that he is intruding into their space, not his.

FaceCrook 2nd to last chapter
by Ed Bertolas on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 10:55pm

You have tried every tactic on me to intimidate sending photos of goons like Big Ant from Rescue Ink to photos of gang members out ofLos Angeles holding pistols to trying to entrap me stating I am now bossing around underage kids ( as if I look when I comment on someones age) as well as creating a petition with 2200 signatures of your "friends" that is circulating the web but failing and lastly speaking the street language of which I am very familiar .

You tried . You Failed . This is me . Ed Bertolas and here are your options .

Located at least 1500 to 2000 profiles all connected under one main shot caller & you know who you are .

Choice 1 .. Clean up your friends profiles by installing webcams so people can see animals not static pictures or vids.

Each of those members under the your power fills out my dogrun site with real email addresses as well as gets 5 other of their REAL FRIENDS with dogs to fill out and those 5 get 5 more which should accumulate to roughly 15,000 to 20,000 members on the dogrunclub site . and once the app is released 15% or .75 cents of each sold will go to Rescue with webcams of the your choice . Branding will start soon after with Logo of www.dogrunclub.com .

Choice 2 .. The 8 Newspapers frothing at the mouth for this story will get the story , the names, the process and most of you will be under scrutiny where real chip-ins and real fundraisers will be transferred to a new site called www.dogbook.us which is ready to go when I am ready to make a decision.

The powers that be know who they are and can contact me with their decision within 5 days from this post the latest .

If not , well , you know the choice I will take . The story is about RESCUE which is what I came on to do via my app .


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chipin to buy three webcams for Ed Bertolas! Please help!

Please help! We want to buy three webcams to set up in Ed Bertolas' home. We want one by his computer to document the state he is in when he goes on his abusive tangents, one by his refrigerator to see how much of that Lowenbrau he's consuming on his various rampages, and one pointed at his medicine cabinet to make sure he is taking his appropriate medications. We would also like to see his sweet dog wear a collar cam along with mandatory drug testing for Ed and his dog since he has bragged several times publicly about blowing hash—an illegal substance—in his dogs face, and that probably means cigarette smoke as well. We'd also like the cameras present in the home to document vet visits for his elderly dog who he admits has had no vet care. Any monies not spent on the webcams, in case he refuses to comply, will go towards our general expenses for the website, blog and cost of the domain name edbertolas.info so we can continue to warn the community about his abuses of predominately women attempting to do animal rescue.